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The two musicians exhibit a fine bond in musical terms. The choice of composers, too, is fascinating and makes for a wonderful hour’s listening. Bondarev and Leporatti’s approach to Hindemith’s Viola Sonata, op. 11/4, is less muscular than Yuri Bashmet and Sviatoslav Richter’s famous interpretation (recorded in March 1985). The two readings are beautifully complementary: Bondarev and Leporatti treat the theme of the Theme and Variations second movement with impeccable gentleness (the marking instructs the theme to be heard “calm and simple, like a popular song”). On the piano, Leporatti’s touch can be miraculously light. This is a performance to two absolutely equal performers, and their joy shines through. … a real triumph. … Yuri Bondarev’s viola does indeed sing.

Fanfare (Colin Clarke), January/February 2018

L’ultime Chostakovitch par Gabriele Leporatti et Yuri Bondarev
Un album alto et piano qui gravite autour du cœur lunaire qu’est l’opus 147 de Chostakovitch, et qui démontre qu’une haute musicalité et une production discographique de qualité peuvent se développer à l’écart des circuits établis. lire ResMusica en version originale

ResMusica (Jean-Christophe Le Toquin), 15.10.2017

Compositions for viola and piano in remarkable performances by Russian born viola player Yuri Bondarev and Italian born pianist Gabriele Leporatti. more

pizzicato, 13.09.2017

… he exhibits a personal voice I frankly didn’t anticipate. This begins with a wonderful singing tone, among the sweetest I’ve heard from viola soloists, which Bondarev can deepen into a growl of raw pain. His variety of tone holds the listener’s interest without pause in the Adagio, while Italian pianist Gabriele Leporatti fulfills the role of a full collaborator. Nothing less is demanded in an elusive work where the touchstone recording has long been Yuri Bashmet with Sviatoslav Richter (Melodiya).

Fanfare (Huntley Dent), January/February 2018

Gegensätzliches romantisch verbunden (Etera): Der italienische Pianist Gabriele Leporatti hat mit Bratschist Yuri Bondarev eine auf den ersten Blick gegensätzliche, aber gerade deswegen sehr interessante Aufnahme eingespielt. Hindemiths Bratschensonate Op.11 Nr.4 ertönt in ihrer impressionistischen Klangfarbe trocken, aber nicht hart und steht im Kontrast zu Nino Rotas Intermezzo: Das leicht hingemalte Werk wirkt bei den beiden Künstlern klar und einfach, aber nie einfallslos.

Austrian Press Agency (Dr. Karin Zehetleitner), 01.08.2017